The American Renaissance Tarot

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This is an American literary tarot deck that educates its users in the esoteric history of America via its most iconic writers. College students, humanities professors, and avid readers will thoroughly enjoy learning about the famed American Renaissance period in the book that accompanies the deck. African-American educators will be interested in the way the project celebrates America’s first black authors. Tarot-readers, root-workers, spiritual healers, and other mystical folks with a connection to the metaphysical history of America will delight in this tour of America’s unique contribution to the New Age.

Step back in time and celebrate the nation's most iconic writers with this traditional deck that blends American literature, esotericism, and Tarot. The Major Arcana tell the two intertwined stories that define the American Renaissance period in literature: the exaltation of the human spirit under Transcendentalism, and the epic fight to abolish slavery. Major figures like Emerson (the Magician), Whitman (the World), and Thoreau (the Hermit) are outlined in the short chapters that accompany each card. Listen as the Kings of the four suits, Herman Melville (Wands), Frederick Douglass (Coins), Edgar Allan Poe (Swords), and Nathaniel Hawthorne (Cups), tell their tales as illustrated in the Minor Arcana. Over thirty writers from the years 1825 to 1875 are profiled in this project that expertly reveals how America’s metaphysical history.

240 pages ++ 78 cards | Box Set